• Inna Semenyuk

P.S. I love you

Today, on this Valentine's Day, I'm feeling grateful for doing the work I love.

While it was hard to say good bye to London and leave my friends, colleagues and memories behind, moving to San Francisco and starting InnavationLabs was one of the best decision in my life! Reflecting on 2.5 amazing years, here are the three things I love most about my job.

Doing meaningful work

Being in the heart of tech innovation here in San Francisco and Bay Area often feels like living in the future: with self-driving cars, delivery robots, and AI helping doctors identify cancer cells. As these and many other technologies enter our lives, I help companies find the way to tell their story and connect with people at a deeper human level. Seeing my clients succeed makes me happy and I feel honored to be sharing that journey with my clients.

Celebrating a successful year with Nua Group's team. December 2019

Meeting fantastic people

I love it that work brings amazing people into my life. I feel lucky to have clients who are passionate about their work and who value the expertise that I bring to the table. I'm grateful that they give me permission to be part of their journey and that we enjoy our time at work and outside of the office.

With Lightbend's team Richard Summerhayes, Shifumi Terasaka and Markus Eisele. February 14, 2019. San Francisco

Having space to grow

Marketing is a very dynamic and a competitive space and in order to move forward it's important to keep learning. I love that the work I do is challenging and that it gives me an opportunity to practice my beginner's mind, train my creativity muscle and learn from my own work and from the fantastic people that surround me.

At Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. December 2019

With a heart full of gratitude, I'm thankful to every single person who is with me on this journey. Thank you!

P.S. I love you

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